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Scholars at Yale

2023 Spring Campus Visits

Published 04/28/2023 in Program Updates
Written 04/28/2023

A unique aspect of the Milken Scholars Program is our Campus Visits. Staff travel to each Scholar’s university campus, twice a year, for in-person check-ins to provide 1-on-1 college advice tailored to each Scholar’s needs.


Sarah D

Discovering the Riches of Suriname

Published 04/25/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Sarah Deonarain | 04/25/2023

Since May 2022, I have interned in the Executive Office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for the Strategy & Futures Team, where I work to build a more agile, anticipatory UNDP that embraces complexity, actively manages risk, is alert to the trends and changes of an uncertain world, continually adapts, and seeks to learn alongside delivering results.


Digital Nomads Mexico City

Digital Nomads in Mexico City

Published 04/25/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Nicole Schreiber | 04/25/2023

I understand the American Dream as the idea that everyone should be able to attain their own version of success and upward mobility. While the American Dream is most prominent in the US, I believe that the “Dream” can be a reality for everyone.


Hanah Jun

Effects of COVID-19 in the Yucatán Peninsula

Published 04/21/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Hanah Jun | 04/21/2023

This paper is a follow-up study of the Yucatán Peninsula I conducted in mid-2021 exploring the intersection of public health, regional economics, and global market development in the region. It re-investigates the state of the Yucatán peninsula’s regional economy in the context of the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Israel Blessing 2023

The Puzzle of Israel

Published 04/21/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Haeeun (Blessing) Jee | 04/21/2023

Israel is a country full of contradictions. It is a free democracy – a shining example of what politics and governance can look like in the Middle East – whilst also running a system of territorial control and occupation that some have called apartheid.


Book Club

The Milken Scholars Book Club

Published 03/24/2023 in Alumni Features, Program Updates
Written by David Tang-Quan | 03/24/2023

Starting in May 2020, soon after the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world and shut down many in-person connections, Milken Scholars began connecting over a shared love of books as well as a desire to continue engaging with one another virtually. Since that time almost three years ago, the group has read over ten different books across a multitude of genres, from non-fiction to comedy.


Ben Sorkin2

Winter in Japan and Thailand

Published 03/23/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Benjamin Sorkin | 03/23/2023

With the support of the Milken Institute and Milken Family Foundation, I was able to spend my winter break in Jan 2023 traveling in Asia and conducting research and interviews about private school admissions and students’ desire to study abroad in the US. My trip lasted 3 weeks, with time evenly split between Japan and Thailand, and over the course of this trip I was able to meet with education consultants, US private school graduates, and summer program/educational leaders who prepare students to become stronger English speakers. I wanted to better understand these students and families’ motivations for applying, how they learn about US schools, and what domestic education looks like in these two countries.


Jahin EYDB

Efforts in Youth Development of Bangladesh

Published 03/23/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Jahin Rahman | 03/23/2023

I spent the first portion of my semester off in London. The primary purpose of my visit was for social work related to my nonprofit Efforts in Youth Development of Bangladesh (EYDB). I had grown up in Bangladesh until the age of 10. Throughout my life, I have seen the tremendous potential of many youth around me go to waste. A lot of kids that I was friends with in my childhood are now victims of child marriage and abuse. I have also seen the tremendous potential Bengali children possess and have been impressed by their drive to learn and adapt to situations. If these kids were given the kind of education that I am receiving, I cannot even fathom where they would be.