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The Power of Storytelling

Published 08/23/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Daniella Gonzalez | 08/23/2023

One of my favorite things about having the Milken Scholarship is the friendships that I have made with my cohort. A group of incredibly talented individuals who are fighting to make the world better in their own way. We all believe in the Foundation’s mission to “discover and advance inventive, effective ways of helping people help themselves”. We do this in our daily lives by creating mental health companies, advocating for health justice and environmental justice, and many other ways that help shape a better tomorrow.


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The LGBTQ Community in Jamaica

Published 08/23/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Noreen Mohsin | 08/23/2023

From April 17th - April 23rd, I had the privilege of being able to travel to Jamaica to learn more about the lived experiences of the LGBTQ community. This experience was eye-opening for me because it helped expose me to the insights and lives of both Allies and members of the community, through a variety of different events throughout the trip.



Technology, Tempura, Tokyo!

Published 08/22/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Jessica Luna | 08/22/2023

Recently, I had the chance to go to Japan for two weeks under a program offered by USC called Fall Lead. This program allows us to study in the specified country for the last two weeks of summer and complete the rest of the class at our home university.


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Exploring Coexistence in Spain

Published 08/22/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Jiyoun Roh | 08/22/2023

This summer, I spent some time in Toledo, Spain. Officially, I took a class on Spanish language and culture; unofficially, I conducted research on how the meaning of diversity has changed within Toledo, considering its past as the former capital of Spain and its present state as a city that strives to preserve this rich history.


Sarah D

Chile’s Thriving Social Impact Sector

Published 08/18/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Sarah Deonarain | 08/18/2023

This summer I moved to Santiago, Chile to work with Fundación 99, a local non-profit that specializes in improving rural education, public infrastructure, and inequality through the economic empowerment of women and growth in employment opportunities generally in Chile.


Adjusting to College Panelists

2023 Milken Scholars Summit: Advancing a Thriving World

Published 08/15/2023 in Program Updates
Written by Torres, Evelyn | 08/15/2023

Founded in 1989 by Mike and Lori Milken, the Milken Scholars Program began with a group of 16 Scholars from the A. Philip Randolph High School in Harlem, New York and has now become a family of over 560 Scholars, representing 76 countries and selected from more than 200 high schools across Los Angeles County, New York City and Washington, D.C. As of 2014 the Milken Scholars Program became a joint initiative of the Milken Family Foundation and the Milken Institute.


East Asia Hanah Jun 1

East Asia Research

Published 08/09/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Hanah Jun | 08/09/2023

Growing up low-income and going into a very high-income career in finance is a path riddled with conflicts and questions. What does it mean to enter a career that follows capitalism blindly, an economic system that ascribes value to people based on their earnings and future earning potential?


Seoul Museum

Healthy Living in Seoul

Published 08/08/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Caroline Chiu | 08/08/2023

This past April, I had the incredible opportunity to revisit Seoul, a city that I had the privilege of traveling to five years ago. During my first visit in 2018, my attention was drawn to the world of Korean pop (K-pop) and its influence on Korean society—a topic highly relevant to my work at the time as a Manager at VICE Media developing live experiences. This time, however, my return to Korea was influenced by the last two years I’ve spent as a medical student. In general, studying health and medicine has inspired the focus of all my recent travels.


Victoria Taylor

Field Site or Home?: Scientific inquiry and conservation research in the indigenous occupied land of the Peruvian Amazon

Published 08/08/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Victoria Taylor | 08/08/2023

Manu National Park in Southwestern Peru is one of the largest Amazonian preservation areas, spanning 1.7 million hectares. It is home to many of the world’s critically endangered species and has an abundance of incredible flora and fauna including 1025 species of birds, 221 species of mammals, and 1301 butterfly species.


Haesung Japan

Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon

Published 08/08/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Haesung Jee | 08/08/2023

花鳥風月 (kachou fuugetsu) is a traditional Japanese proverb that translates literally to "flower, bird, wind, moon" and means to experience the beauty of nature. Implicit in the phrase is the idea that you learn more about yourself through your experience of nature. While the meaning of this proverb is a bit nebulous, I was able to understand it during my time in Tokyo this past May.