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Scholar Stories

ZoeHsu Italy

Food, Mental Health, Identity, and Community Building in Italy

Published 12/08/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Zoe Hsu | 12/08/2023

Despite increasing destigmatization surrounding mental health, many people in the United States still suffer from various mental illnesses. Poor mental health in America is especially exacerbated by its individualistic lifestyle in which people are expected to look after themselves and work to make a living, without taking proper time to appreciate and enjoy the present moment or build community amongst one another.


Columbia Karen Garcia MS 23 3

Campus Visits Foster Community Across the Country

Published 12/08/2023 in Program Updates
Written by Reyes, Natalie | 12/08/2023

One of the defining characteristics within the Milken Scholars Family is its strong community. From the moment Scholars are welcomed into the Program, they are encouraged to maintain close communication with their peers and staff. Campus Visits play a key role in fostering this close-knit culture as they allow Scholars to receive in-person check-ins from staff twice a year.


Poon Francis 1

Living History: A Lesson From Dachau

Published 11/22/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Francis Poon | 11/22/2023

July 20, 2023. I’m an hour north of Munich, Germany, on a bus heading uphill and passing unassuming residential neighborhoods with manicured landscaping. When we stop, I follow the crowd along a serene, tree-lined path that eventually leads to a massive open field. Albeit the many clouds in the sky, the sun occasionally peaks through. The air is fresh and crisp... a perfect day for a stroll. But I'm not at a park.


Sarah D2

A Brief History of Migration in Peru

Published 11/22/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Sarah Deonarain | 11/22/2023

Being passionate about migration, my recent trip to Peru was not only full of stunning scenery but also rich in migration history. Cusco was the capital city of the Incan empire, the largest ancient civilization in pre-Columbian America, which flourished from approximately 1200 to 1533 AD, and that is evident in its architecture and geography.


Volunteer Event with Heal the Bay Fall 2023 Group Pic 002

Milken Scholars’ Lifelong Spirit of Service

Published 11/13/2023 in Alumni Features, Program Updates
Written 11/13/2023

"I believe it is important to volunteer one's time, knowledge, and resources to give back to one's community and to causes greater than oneself. Volunteerism is the recognition that we are all privileged in our own ways and that we always have the capacity to lend a helping hand to causes and individuals in need." -Oliver Sitt, MS ‘11