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Debating Health and Human Rights Policy in Seoul

Published 09/06/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Mayowa Jolayemi | 09/06/2023

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to travel to Seoul, South Korea, for a Model Congress conference. I was responsible for chairing a mock United Nations committee, the UN Security Council, as we discussed the human rights crisis in Mozambique and how the international community can better improve health outcomes for individuals in times of crisis. I had chaired committees in our Asia-based conference before, but this was the first time I did it in person following the pandemic, and it truly changed my view of mock political conferences and political education internationally.


at Nara Deer Park in Japan

The Beauty of Culturally Colorful Communities

Published 08/28/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Justin Yeh | 08/28/2023

Upon graduating from Harvey Mudd College in May 2023, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and travel abroad to Japan and Taiwan. As I embarked on my two-month-long journey to explore these captivating countries, I was driven by a profound desire to broaden my horizons and embrace diverse cultures.


Linda Chan

Jamaica Through Queer Perspectives

Published 08/23/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Linda Chan | 08/23/2023

Time Magazine named Jamaica as the most homophobic country in 2006 (Jackson, 2015). The discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community in Jamaica is not limited to public humiliation, but often ends with physical violence, emotional trauma, and even death. My main role on this project was to transcribe our interview notes, thematically code key words, and help my teammates develop a literature review that can be shared publicly, but I was fortunate enough to also sit in on an interview where I learned of the trauma many queer Jamaicans face, stemming from systemic factors such as racism and classism, but also religion.



The Power of Storytelling

Published 08/23/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Daniella Gonzalez | 08/23/2023

One of my favorite things about having the Milken Scholarship is the friendships that I have made with my cohort. A group of incredibly talented individuals who are fighting to make the world better in their own way. We all believe in the Foundation’s mission to “discover and advance inventive, effective ways of helping people help themselves”. We do this in our daily lives by creating mental health companies, advocating for health justice and environmental justice, and many other ways that help shape a better tomorrow.


Group photo

The LGBTQ Community in Jamaica

Published 08/23/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Noreen Mohsin | 08/23/2023

From April 17th - April 23rd, I had the privilege of being able to travel to Jamaica to learn more about the lived experiences of the LGBTQ community. This experience was eye-opening for me because it helped expose me to the insights and lives of both Allies and members of the community, through a variety of different events throughout the trip.



Technology, Tempura, Tokyo!

Published 08/22/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Jessica Luna | 08/22/2023

Recently, I had the chance to go to Japan for two weeks under a program offered by USC called Fall Lead. This program allows us to study in the specified country for the last two weeks of summer and complete the rest of the class at our home university.


documenting for research project2

Exploring Coexistence in Spain

Published 08/22/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Jiyoun Roh | 08/22/2023

This summer, I spent some time in Toledo, Spain. Officially, I took a class on Spanish language and culture; unofficially, I conducted research on how the meaning of diversity has changed within Toledo, considering its past as the former capital of Spain and its present state as a city that strives to preserve this rich history.


Sarah D

Chile’s Thriving Social Impact Sector

Published 08/18/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Sarah Deonarain | 08/18/2023

This summer I moved to Santiago, Chile to work with Fundación 99, a local non-profit that specializes in improving rural education, public infrastructure, and inequality through the economic empowerment of women and growth in employment opportunities generally in Chile.


East Asia Hanah Jun 1

East Asia Research

Published 08/09/2023 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Hanah Jun | 08/09/2023

Growing up low-income and going into a very high-income career in finance is a path riddled with conflicts and questions. What does it mean to enter a career that follows capitalism blindly, an economic system that ascribes value to people based on their earnings and future earning potential?