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Francis Poon: Career Pathways in TV Media

Written 06/19/2020

Francis Poon, MS '09, is a producer with Lisa Ling's "This is Life," which generally airs in the fall on CNN. The first six seasons are now streaming on HBO Max, and are available on iTunes.


KM 1.7

From NASA to IBM

Published 01/24/2020 in Alumni Features
Written 01/24/2020

We visited Kristle McCracken MS ’03 at IBM in San Jose, California to hear about her path to fulfilling her childhood dream of working at NASA, and her life after that dream job.


Ben Sorkin

American English Teachers as Cultural Ambassadors in Russia

Published 11/07/2022 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Benjamin Sorkin | 11/07/2022

My decision to focus on the experiences of Americans came as a result of heightened awareness and attention to U.S – Russia relations, yet there was little scholarship on how education programs in the modern era can act as a tool of soft diplomacy for fostering cross cultural awareness and understanding. My research specifically hoped to answer: How do American English teachers in Russia balance their dual roles as classroom teachers and cultural ambassadors?