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Milken Scholars Program: Mentoring Ahead

Written by Sarah Hsu, Karen Li | 02/25/2021

The characteristic that best defines the quality of a Milken Scholar is the ability and desire to be a leader and to give back to others through mentorship. The efforts to facilitate these characteristics are a cornerstone of the Milken Scholars Program.


Haesung Jee Korea trip

A "Zero Waste" Lifestyle in Korea

Published 11/07/2022 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Haesung Jee | 11/07/2022

The US is estimated to produce over 30% of the planet’s total waste, even though it consists of only 4% of the world population. I experienced firsthand the effectiveness of Korea’s zero waste policies, and I strongly believe that the US has the ability to implement similar measures to decrease our impact on the environment and secure a more sustainable future.


Hanah Jun Milken Travel Grant Essay Barbados

Lessons from Barbados

Published 11/07/2022 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Hanah Jun | 11/07/2022

This paper explores the intersection of public health, regional economics, and international finance as it relates to Barbados. More specifically, this paper will investigate the intersection of Barbados’ regional economy and the impact of COVID, within the context of Barbados’ history of colonialism.



Learning from Emergency Room Experts in Uganda

Published 11/04/2022 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Nhi Ho | 11/04/2022

In February 2020, I participated in a month long global health rotation in Kampala, Uganda in order to learn how medicine is practiced in an under-resourced setting. Little did I know, the United States would also suffer from shortage of resources soon thereafter



Life Lessons from Uganda

Published 11/04/2022 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Roy Kim | 11/04/2022

Being the only non-Ugandan in my entire community, I learned what it meant to look and feel different. Being invited into Salim’s, Kimani’s, and Simon’s homes showed me that I was welcome in a foreign country.