Jiru Ekram 2018
Milken Scholar 2014
Scholar Profile

Ekram Jiru


Ekram Jiru is a graduate of Pomona College, where she earned a degree in Economics. While at Pomona, Ekram worked with numerous organizations on campus to foster a sense of community and belonging and worked for the college’s annual fund. She has interned with the I.R.S. in Washington DC and worked with a startup to help East African students apply to colleges. She now organizes and facilitates financial aid workshops for the college access program, enlisting support from Milken Scholars in the DC area. Ekram currently serves as a program manager for Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT)’s Career Prep program, which bridges the college-to-career transition gap for underrepresented students and propels them on their paths to leadership.

High school:  Benjamin Banneker Senior High School


College Year Degree
Pomona College
Claremont, CA
2018 B.A. Economics