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Scholar Stories

An annual hiking tradition was born from Jiyoun and Jamies mentor mentee relationship. This is a picture from their hike together in LA.

The Power of Milken Scholar Mentorship

Published 10/27/2022 in Program Updates
Written 10/27/2022

“…becoming a mentor for Jiyoun was one of the best ‘accidental’ or ‘coincidental’ things to happen to me. The friendship that grew out of my and Jiyoun’s mentor-mentee pairing greatly improved my college experience — she is someone I know I can call a friend for the rest of my life, beyond college. And I use the term of being Jiyoun’s ‘mentor’ loosely, because she has equally given me so much advice and support. From talking about the course curriculum or social scenes specifically at Princeton, to discussing personal challenges and career goals/motivations, and anything and everything in between, our mentor-mentee relationship has been an integral part of my college experience.” – Jamie Kim, MS ‘18


DMZ in Korea

A Chasm Between Two Koreas

Published 10/06/2022 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Irene Kim | 10/06/2022

Visiting South Korea showed me the power of pop culture in world politics, the lasting effects of U.S. foreign policy from the Cold War, and how navigating diplomatic relations is complicated and often doesn’t have an easy solution.



Sustainable Tourism on Jeju Island

Published 10/06/2022 in Scholar Travel Stipend
Written by Haeeun (Blessing) Jee | 10/06/2022

During my trip to South Korea this past summer, I was able to take a short trip to Jeju Island for a few days. Jeju Island is a volcanic island off the southern tip of Korea. It is known as a popular honeymoon destination – or at least it was, according to my parents who spent their own honeymoon there about 30 years ago. This was the first time they visited the island together since then.