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Milken Scholar 2019
Scholar Profile

Sarah Deonarain

International Development


Sarah Deonarain is an undergraduate student at Harvard University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. She aims to build the global political community by encouraging trust and public discourse, formulating innovative and research-driven solutions, and challenging partisanship. Her interests lie at the intersection of law, public policy, and international relations. She seeks to utilize her skills in film, computer science, and digital technology in addition to her communication, leadership, and critical-thinking skills to drive her platform, which primarily confronts issues developing countries are facing, including health care, education, sustainability, and human rights. She is currently looking for opportunities both domestic and abroad in international development, law, and advocacy.

High school:  Townsend Harris High School at Queens College


College Year Degree
Harvard College
Cambridge, MA
2023 A.B. Economics