In Action

Jennifer Quintana (MS '09)

Executive decisions: Jennifer Quintana, MS ‘09, has been appointed president of the M.I.T. chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). She was also elected Internal Vice President of the M.I.T. chapter of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists (MAES). Both organizations are in good hands.

Daniel Payan (MS '04)

Going places, just not far: Daniel Payan, MS ‘04 will graduate from Harvard University this summer but he won’t be missing it for long. He will be attending the Harvard Kennedy School of Government for his graduate studies in the fall.

Ruiquan "Johnny" Jin (MS '05)

A man of “principals”: Ruiquan Jin, MS ‘05 will enter a graduate program in school administration at Harvard University in the fall.

Morris Vanegas (MS '08)

Award Winning. Morris Vanegas, MS ’08, was honored with the L.A.’s BEST After School Enrichment Program Distinguished Alumnus award at their annual Family Brunch on June 5th , for his work tutoring elementary school students.

Erik Shirokoff (DECEASED) (MS '98)

Star gazer Erik Shirokoff, MS ’98 is departing UC Berkeley with his Ph.D. in physics this summer on a journey to the Pasadena cosmos for the 2011 W.M. Keck Institute for Space Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship at Caltech.

Kathleen Gutierrez (MS '06)

Working for women, around the globe. This summer, Kathleen Gutierrez, MS ‘06, will travel to the Philippines for an internship with the Gabriela Political Party, a coalition of organizations whose focus is on issues of women’s and children’s rights and enacting anti-trafficking and anti-violence protections through the Philippine National Legislature.

Julie Lee (MS '07)

Researching her next step. Soon-to-be Columbia graduate, Julie Lee, MS '07, has accepted an appointment at Yale's M.P.H. program in Chronic Disease Epidemiology.

Won Shin (MS '96)

Court of Scholarly Appeal: Without objection, congratulations are in order for Won Shin, MS ‘96, who has recently joined the New York State Attorney General's Office as an Assistant Solicitor General.

Emanuel Yekutiel (MS '07)

Soon to be world traveler. Williams Alumni-to-be, Emanuel Yekutiel, MS ’07, is one of 40 liberal arts graduates selected as a Thomas J. Watson Fellow for 2011-12. He will receive a $25,000 grant to research Gay Rights issues around the globe.

Angela Oh (MS '11)

Healthy Celebration: Congratulations to Angela Oh, MS ’11, who was recently accepted to the David Geffen UCLA School of Medicine. Angela will be graduating with an honors degree in neurobiology from Harvard prior to starting medical school this fall.