2003 vheckova
Milken Scholar 2003
Scholar Profile

Veronika Hecko Wu

Product Design


Veronika is the Head of Design at Twitter Video and Periscope.tv in the Bay Area. She previously worked as a designer at Atlassian. Veronika received her bachelor's degree in architectural design from Stanford University in the spring of 2007.

High school:  William Howard Taft High School


College Year Degree
Stanford University
Palo Alto, CA
2007 B.S. Architectural Design

News and Highlights

Veronika Hecko Wu (MS '03)

Visually moving. Veronika Heckova, MS ‘03, has left architecture to start a new career as a graphic designer and illustrator. Check out her work at www.verohecko.com.

Veronika Hecko Wu (MS '03)

Word Lovers Unite! Graphic artist Veronika Heckova-Wu, MS ‘03, and her husband, Albert Wu, have recently launched Lexigrams, a new kind of visual dictionary designed to help people learn and retain complex English words using artistic illustrations that touch on universal cues and themes. Thus far, Lexigrams has over 100 illustrated word definitions and it continues to grow.