2007 amber carmi smith
Milken Scholar 2007
Scholar Profile

Amber Carmi-Smith

Environmental Advocacy


Amber attended Occidental College with a major in Urban Environmental Policies. She received her A.A. degree with high honors from Santa Monica College in 2012.

High school:  Santa Monica High School


College Year Degree
Occidental College
Los Angeles, CA
0 B.S. Urban Environmental Policies

News and Highlights

Amber Carmi-Smith (MS '07)

Thirst for Knowledge: Amber Carmi-Smith, MS ‘07, is the founder and president of the recently recognized campus nonprofit, Oxy W.A.R.P., which stands for: Occidental College Water Awareness and Reduction in Pollution. It is an innovative student group with an objective to raise awareness of a variety of critical water issues and to cultivate innovative approaches for responding to water pollution.