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Milken Scholar 1998
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Tresha Gibbs



Tresha earned her medical degree from Columbia University in the spring of 2007. She completed her four years of psychiatry residency in June 2011 as the Chief Resident at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. She completed fellowship training in child and adolescent psychiatry at New York University Child Study Center/ Bellevue Hospital. She is a board certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist. She worked as the Director of General Psychiatry Residency Training at Harlem Hospital in New York before accepting a position as the Medical Director of Outpatient Community Services at the NYC Children’s Center and director of medical education.

She has since moved on to the position of Clinical Director at the Rockland Children's Psychiatric Center and sits on faculty at New York University Grossman School of Medicine. In this role, she provides clinical oversight of the care provided in all the inpatient and outpatient programs and over clinical training experiences for child psychiatry fellows at facility sites. She has served with the national organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association's council on Children, Adolescents and their families and was a member of the APA 2021-2022 Presidential Task Force on Social Determinants of Mental Health.

High school:  Midwood High School


College Year Degree
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ
2002 A.B. Chemistry
Columbia University
New York, NY
2007 M.D. Psychiatry

News and Highlights

Tresha Gibbs (MS '98)

Power of Empathy: Dr. Tresha Gibbs, MS '98, published an essay in the Milken Institute's Power of Ideas collection on the importance of centering empathy and equity in rebuilding our mental health care system in order to improve access for people who are too often left behind because their struggles are out of sight. The Milken Institute's Power of Ideas series brings together a diverse group of influencers and global leaders to convey their thoughts on building meaningful lives, driving shared prosperity, and more. Congratulations, Dr. Gibbs, and check out her important essay here.

Tresha Gibbs (MS '98)

Public Health and Racial Equity: Tresha Gibbs, MS ’98, authored a study outlining the vast health disparities experienced by Black Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the Psychiatric Times paper, she dives into how deep-seated economic and social inequalities have created dangerous conditions for the country’s black individuals and families. Discussing mental illness stigmatization and barriers to health care, Tresha lays out the most viable opportunities to intervene: Build trust and social support, balance risk, and open access to services. Read the eye-opening article in its entirety here!

Tresha Gibbs (MS '98)

Tresha Edwards, MS ‘98 earned her medical degree in Psychiatry from Columbia University. She is now a resident doctor at the New York State Psychiatric Institute.