What We Do

As of 2023, with over 560 Milken Scholars living, learning and working in many diverse communities, the Milken Scholars Program promotes and supports young people as they acquire the skills necessary to make the difficult transitions from high school to college and from college to graduate school or the world of work. One of the most important elements of the Program is the formation of a community of Milken Scholars who support and learn from one another. In addition to providing financial support to each Milken Scholar during each of his or her undergraduate years, the Milken Scholars Program consists of the following components:

Recognition Dinner

These annual events, held in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C., are an opportunity to welcome new participants into the Milken Scholars Program and to celebrate the experiences of the returning Scholars. The Recognition ceremonies acknowledge the work and achievements of each new Scholar as well as the family, friends and supporters who help make their success possible.

Annual Summit

Led by Scholars staff and a range of talented facilitators and guest speakers, the annual Milken Scholars Summit provides a forum for Scholars to discuss issues critical to their success at America’s most prestigious colleges and universities, and in their future careers. More importantly, the Summit provides opportunities for Scholars to form and renew friendships, reflect on their personal growth and exchange ideas and aspirations.

Community Service

The Milken Scholars are characterized not only by their academic achievements but also by service to their local and school communities. While at school they volunteer their time through campus organizations; during school holidays, they volunteer in their home communities. As a group, Scholars have engaged in a variety of service endeavors, including beach cleanups, preparing and serving meals to the homeless; packaging meals for delivery to home-bound individuals suffering from chronic illnesses, and participating in community gardening. Through community action, Scholars make a difference in the lives of others.

Support for Internships

Among the most crucial insights a college student can gain is an understanding of available professional options. During the Scholars' search for internships, Scholars staff provides advice, webinars, workshops and letters of recommendation as well as feedback on preparing resumes, other supporting materials and preparing for interviews. By offering these resources, the Program seeks to ensure that Scholars have every opportunity to prepare for the transition from academic work to professional careers.

Ongoing Counseling and Support

Staff members visit Scholars in their college communities, bringing them together to share experiences and foster mentorship. They communicate regularly with Scholars via email, phone calls, the Scholars website, relevant webinars and personal visits regarding a variety of academic and career issues. Since many Scholars are first-generation college students, this guidance, provided by both staff and fellow Scholars, is of particular value. Beyond college, Scholars staff visit Alumni Scholars during graduate school and at their places of work to learn about the wide range of career choices in the Scholars network of leaders.

Academic Career / Exploration Fund

The Program provides each Scholar with a fund to help pay for expenses associated with graduate school applications, the job interview process, unpaid internships, study abroad programs and other opportunities related to the pursuit of career goals. Scholars can apply for these funds during their undergraduate careers or can draw upon them in later years.