"We are thrilled to be supporting the Milken Scholars Program. I have been very impressed with the impact that the Program has had on its participants, and I truly believe it is one of the most effective grants we make."
Simone Friedman, Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies


"We are proud to be part of the Milken Scholars Program. Courageous, devoted, hardworking, tremendous inner strength, compassion, intelligence are just a few words to describe these young Scholars. They are the future of America."
Dr. Richard Merkin


"Milken Scholars exemplify the pursuit of excellence, and not just academically. These young men and women understand that hard work, perseverance and a show of kindness are what it takes to be a leader. We are proud to affiliate with the Milken Scholars Program."
Phyllis Orenstein Bresler and Sidney Bresler


"The Milken Scholars Program is outstanding. The students that are accepted into the Program give us all hope for the future. They are brilliant, committed, and compassionate students that collectively make the world a better place. The students we have met through the Program have become interns, graduates, philanthropists, and friends. We cannot say enough about the quality of the Program and its impact on communities and the world."
Jacquie Hart


"The Milken Scholars give me hope that we have capable young leaders in the gates willing to take on the world's most pressing challenges."
William McNulty


"I've really enjoyed working with and getting to know the Milken Scholars. They are all incredibly talented, determined and focused. Each Scholar brings a special blend of thoughtfulness, inspiration and authenticity to the Program. I am confident they will emerge as the future leaders and innovators of our society. It's an honor to be involved with the Program."
Alissa Finerman, MBA, Business Coach and Author


"I am honored to be a part of the Milken Scholars Program because of its unique approach to its vision and to helping individuals who have achieved academic levels that are unheard of in some of the difficult environments they have come from. The Program helps them not just in the beginning of college, but throughout their lives. It is truly a genuine program."
David Kim


"It has been an incredible honor to be involved with the Milken Scholars Program. The diverse group Scholars are exceptional young men and women who are making a positive impact in their chosen paths. And bravo to the Milken Family for its unwavering commitment to this Program."
Ed Greene


"The Milken Scholars germinate the splendors of creativity, comradery, and confidence."
Yvonne Chan


"The Milken Scholars Program does an excellent job of not only finding tremendously talented individuals--but nurturing them and developing them into who they want to be, and into the leaders our country needs them to be."
Devin Schain


"As an educator, there is nothing more rewarding than to be around such diverse, driven, intelligent, and compassionate young people. I have been impressed with every encounter I have had with a Milken Scholar. They are gifted, accomplished, young people with a vision, who have, and will, continue to change the world. I am always in awe and inspired by their light and energy."
Jane Fung


"I look forward to being inspired every time I help review Milken Scholar applications. Reading about their unbelievable drive and dedication to bettering themselves and our world is truly a highlight of my year. I feel so hopeful turning each page!"
Amanda Schwartz


"I always look forward to my day with the Scholars. We have gathered in gardens, on mountains, and at the beach. I am rewarded by getting to know so many amazing, beautifully intentioned, energetic young people."
Doug Binzak


"The Milken Scholars are an extraordinary inspiring group of young people. I was touched by the challenges they faced, determination and hopes to make a difference in the world."
Aviva Carmy