Friends of the Milken Scholars

The Milken Scholars Program is honored to recognize those individuals whom have generously donated their time and expertise to assist Milken Scholars in fulfilling their potential to become Lifelong Leaders for a Better World. Thank you for your ongoing support and engagement!

Doug Binzak
Counselor and Yoga Teacher,

Phyllis Orenstein Bresler
President & CEO PW Communications, Inc.

Sidney Bresler

Aviva Carmy
Aviva Carmy DESIGNStudio

Dr. Yvonne Chan
Founder, Vaughn Next Century Learning Center
1991 California Milken Recipient, Milken Educator Awards

Jill Chozen

Emanuel J. Friedman
Founder, Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies

Simone Friedman
Executive Director, Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies

Alissa Finerman

Jane Ching Fung
Teacher, Alexander Science Center School
2002 California Milken Recipient, Milken Educator Awards

Dr. Edward M. Greene
Senior Director of Early Learning, EM GREENE Associates International

Ann Hand

Jacquie Hart
Global CEO, Starlight Children’s Foundation

David Kim
Partner, Gen Management Group

William McNulty
CEO, Team Rubicon Global

Dr. Richard Merkin
Founder & CEO, Heritage Provider Network

Devin Schain
Founder & CEO, Campus Direct

Amanda Schwartz

Marijke Smith
Vice President, Education, Project Frog

David A. Steinberg
Founder & CEO, Caivis Acquisition Corp.

Nader Imad Twal
Program Administrator, myPD, L.B.U.S.D. Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development
2003 California Recipient, Milken Educator Awards

Milken Scholars

Milken Scholars

Milken Scholars

Milken Scholars