Application Checklist

Your completed Milken Scholars Program application package will consist of:

1. Milken Scholars Application
The online application can be accessed through SurveyMonkey by logging in with the username and password provided. The application includes the following sections: Personal Information, Family Information, Education, and Activities. If you have taken AP Exams, you will be asked to upload an AP Score Report that can be accessed through AP Central.

2. Two Letters or Recommendation
Your recommendation letters should be completed online by the individuals providing them. Or, they may be emailed to the Program directly to be included with your application. Instructions on how to request and complete the letters of recommendation will be available when you begin your application.

3. Essay Question
This should be completed online and submitted with your application. Please remember to preview the statement for any errors before clicking 'Final Submit'.

4. Family Financial Profile
This form should be completed by or with your parents or guardians and submitted along with your application online.

5. A copy of your current high school transcript
Please upload the file (PDF) of your transcript with your online application. The transcript does not need to be official, but it must have your name and the name of your school printed on it. It must also be legible.

6. Copies of Your SAT I (or ACT) and SAT II Score Reports*
Please upload the file (PDF) of your test score sheets with your online application. The College Board and ACT websites have downloadable reports that you can use for this. Upload test report for each sitting. If you took more than one test, results are superscored (we choose the best scores from each sitting). 

*Please note that the 2024 Selection Cycle is Test-Optional: An SAT or ACT score is not required to apply, however, any SAT or ACT score report received, including scores added to high school transcripts, will be taken into account in the application review.