2016 Najya Williams
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Najya Williams

Washington Medicine


Najya Williams was the Valedictorian of School Without Walls High School in Washington D.C. and also served as the Vice Chair of the Mayor’s D.C. Youth Program. Her academic work in high school has been published in undergraduate research journals, and she completed an associates degree from George Washington University while simultaneously finishing her high school degree. Najya continues to publish her writing as she attends Harvard as a sophomore, where she studies sociology. In her first year at Harvard, she served as the director of special events for the Harvard Black Students Association and worked as a staff writer for "Healing Points" magazine. This past summer Najya returned to Washington D.C. to work as a course assistant at GWU and a clinical research intern at Children's National Medical Center.

High school:  School Without Walls Senior High School


College Year Degree
George Washington University
Washington, DC
2016 A.A. General Studies
Harvard College
Cambridge, MA
2020 B.A. Public/Global Health