1999 Sciacchitano
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Maro Sciacchitano

McLean Medical Technology


Maro works for Capsa Healthcare in Portland, Oregon. For the past two years, he has been the technical lead of R&D and product development for a new medication dispensing product. Previously, he was a co-founder of Prevue, a start-up that provided patient-specific 3D models to doctors for surgical planning, diagnosis and patient education (prevuemedical.com). Prior to Prevue, he worked on fuel cell and solar power systems, LED lighting, control hardware design, and open source audio equipment. He attended Yale University and has a degree in mechanical engineering.

High school:  Edmund Burke School


College Year Degree
Yale University
New Haven, CT
2003 B.S. Mechanical Engineering

News and Highlights

Maro Sciacchitano (MS '99)

Model Citizen: In September, Maro Sciacchitano '99, competed in the International Create Challenge 2012 in Martingy, Switzerland. His team was a awarded an 10 thousand dollar prize for developing a method for producing 3 dimensional physical models of the human brain from medical imaging data. The team hopes this technology will open a new window to understanding brain structure and pave the way towards leveraging 3-D printing technology in neuroscience and other medical disciplines. Congratulations!