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Dennis Ojogho

Los Angeles Law


Dennis received his degree in government with a Spanish language citation from Harvard. He was a frequent contributor to the Harvard Crimson and was involved in numerous clubs and activities on campus. While in college he served as an intern with the NAACP at their headquarters. He is currently working for a South L.A. nonprofit homeless advocacy group. In the fall of 2018 he will enter Harvard Law School.

High school:  Los Angeles High School


College Year Degree
Harvard College
Cambridge, MA
2016 A.B. Government with a Spanish Language Citation

News and Highlights

Dennis Ojogho (MS '12)

Exciting Times. In addition to being accepted early admission to Harvard Law School, Dennis Ojogho, MS ‘12, was recently featured on the Harvard University Institute of Politics page, where he reflects on his work over the summer with the NAACP and its efforts in advocating the removal of the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina state house.

Dennis Ojogho (MS '12)

Speaking of Volunteerism. Dennis Ojogho, MS ‘12, was recently profiled on the nationally syndicated Fox television show, Live Life and Win, for his volunteer work with Chrysalis. Chrysalis is an organization that works with homeless and low - income individuals to help them develop skills that lead could lead to self-sufficiency, Nice work indeed!

Dennis Ojogho (MS '12)

Big Apple Advocacy: Dennis Ojogho, MS ‘12, has secured a summer internship with the Legal Aid Foundation of New York, where he will be part of their educational advocacy for children with disabilities. Congratulations!