Oh Angela
Milken Scholar 2011
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Angela Oh



Angela graduated from Harvard with a degree in Neurobiology. She wrote her senior thesis at Dr. Stickgold's Sleep and Cognition Lab at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts, continuing to costume for student run plays, and leading the Harvard chapter for Project Sunshine, bringing arts and crafts programs to children in hospitals. She is currently pursuing a degree in medicine from UCLA.

High school:  North Hollywood High School


College Year Degree
Harvard College
Cambridge, MA
2015 S.B. Neurobiology
University of California - Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
2019 M.D. Medicine

News and Highlights

Angela Oh (MS '11)

Healthy Celebration: Congratulations to Angela Oh, MS ’11, who was recently accepted to the David Geffen UCLA School of Medicine. Angela will be graduating with an honors degree in neurobiology from Harvard prior to starting medical school this fall.

Angela Oh (MS '11)

Let the Sun Shine In:Angela Oh, MS ‘11, and Christina Vourakis, MS ‘12, have partnered up to establish an official Harvard chapter of Project Sunshine, an organization that partners with local hospitals to help support programs related to arts, crafts, education, and social services for children who face medical challenges. They are looking forward to initiating creative new programs at Tufts Floating Hospital in Boston this semester and beyond.