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Milken Scholar 2005
Scholar Profile

Allan Sahagun

Product Design


Allan Sahagun (he/him) is a strategic and operational product and design leader with 15+ years of experience leading and building diverse teams, scaling entrepreneurial initiatives, and delivering on ambitious business goals.

He is passionate about humans, transformational technologies (currently exploring the role of humans in the building and benefiting from web3, AI, and the metaverse), and solving meaningful problems at scale through human-centered design.

Allan is an accomplished speaker and lecturer, having been invited to speak to dignitaries and industry leaders on the importance of human-centeredness, technology, design, and inclusion.

Ultimately, he is driven by the core belief that if the vision for the web3 is centered around the decentralization and democratization of a persistent and synchronous internet, then the inclusion of diverse voices and people is central to making this vision a reality.

He holds several patents related to the human-centered applications of web3 technologies (blockchain, decentralization, and distributed ledgers), artificial intelligence, and metaverse related technologies (augmented reality and digital space/interface optimization).

Allan started his first company from his Harvard dorm room nearly 20 years ago. He is also a Milken Scholar, having served as National Chairperson for the Milken Scholar Alumni Association for multiple terms.

Presently, he leads global R&D at Kyocera, in addition to the Product Management, Product Design, Market Research, and Data Science practices.

Allan lives in beautiful downtown Oakland, California with his husband, Benjamin.

High school:  Don Bosco Technical High School


College Year Degree
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
0 A.B. Visual and Environmental Studies

News and Highlights

Allan Sahagun (MS '05)

New leadership. Allan Sahagun, MS ’05, has taken over for Kim Foo Chow, MS ’96, as the National Chairman of the Milken Scholars Alumni Association. Kim Foo did an outstanding job during his term and Allan will only continue the trend.