In Action

Sophia Malamud (MS '97)

She could be more than a mentor to a future Milken Scholar. Sophia Malamud, MS ‘97 joined the faculty of Brandeis University as an assistant professor last fall. She is teaching Linguistics in their prestigious Linguistics and Language Program

Smith Sirisakorn (MS '00)

Hot commodities: Smith Sirisakorn, MS ‘00, Christina Andersen, MS ‘99 and Annie Chan, MS ‘98 will all be graduating from their respective law schools soon and each have been snapped up by respected law firms in their fields before their diplomas are even sent to the printers.

Doris Díaz-Kelly (MS '90)

In November, Doris Díaz Kelly, MS ‘90 was honored along with forty other SUNY Educational Opportunity Program alumni at a banquet gala in New York City for her professional achievements in addressing the educational needs of special populations.

Diego Rentería (MS '07)

Diego Rentería, MS ‘07 and the rest of the members of Mariachi Veritas de Harvard placed third in university group competition at the Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza held in San Antonio, Texas in late November, becoming the only group east of the Mississippi to place.

Karen Bailey (MS '04)

Congratulations are in order for Karen Bailey, MS ‘04, who has accepted a position with Teach for America after she graduates. When she returns from teaching English in Thailand next year she will begin an assignment teaching middle school science in Houston, Texas.

Nina Sawhney (MS '06)

Life Aquatic with Nina Sawhney, MS ‘06. This spring she will become a fully certified scuba diver, and she hopes to explore the reefs of Australia and Singapore soon.

John Shen (MS '03)

And now the easy part: Medical School. Congratulations are in order for John Shen, MS ‘03, who has been accepted to the UC Irvine School of Medicine for the fall.

Alex Holt (MS '07)

Read all about it: Alex Melamed, MS ‘07 is quickly collecting bylines as a roving reporter for the Daily Pennsylvanian, an independent newspaper for the University of Pennsylvania, where he writes on energy and environmental issues.

John Fahy (MS '02)

Couldn’t have planned it better: this summer, two Scholars will be married on the same day. Best wishes for a wonderful July 19th to John Fahy, MS ‘02 and his bride, Angelica Sandrea, and to Sophia Malamud, MS ‘97 and her groom, Robert Gillham.

Kibwei McKinney (MS '97)

Can you say Otorhinolaryngology quickly three times? Congratulations to Kibwei McKinney, MS ‘97 as he will be awarded his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania this summer and will depart for residency at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the fall.