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Milken Scholar 1999
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Ahmed Reza

Artificial Intelligence


Ahmed Reza is the Founder of Yobi.app, one of the fastest growing AI communication apps for business, and the co-founder of TrepHub, a nonprofit dedicated to building startup ecosystems. Ahmed is a serial entrepreneur with a background in AI and software engineering. After selling his last venture, he realized that small businesses and startups have trouble scaling customer-facing teams like sales, customer service, and that he could build a platform that made it easy to successfully build these teams.

In his effort to source talent and help build a startup communities around the world, Ahmed was able to build a high-performing team of software engineers from North Africa and helped accelerate the startup community in Algeria. More startups have also started looking to Algeria with the goal of identifying exceptional talent following Yobi’s lead. Ahmed believes in building strong culture, so he spent a significant part of last year traveling to North African and helping build local leadership that acts more like Silicon Valley. Yobi’s presence in the North African startup scene has been a force multiplier for the community.

High school:  Hillcrest High School


College Year Degree
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY
2004 B.S. Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

News and Highlights

Ahmed Reza (MS '99)

Successful Launch: Ahmed Reza, MS ’99, was featured in the January 2015 issue of Space Coast Business, a magazine serving the Central Florida business region, for his work in starting-up TrepHub, a nonprofit dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs establish themselves. Ahmed is also the founder and CEO of Dental Web Now which specializes in utilizing artificial intelligence in marketing.