2016 Nicole Litvitskiy
Milken Scholar 2016
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Nicole Litvitskiy



Nicole Litvitskiy is currently a junior at Haverford College in Pennsylvania with a major in Psychology and minor in Education. Passionate about mental health and education, she is a Co-Head of HaverMinds, a club on campus focused on discussing various mental health clubs, bringing the experience she gained from running a similar club, Project Love, at Stuyvesant High School in New York for three years. Additionally, she is working as a research assistant with a personality psychology professor at Haverford on her research on narrative identity. In the education department, Nicole is working on a project on Universal Design for Learning through Bryn Mawr's Teaching and Learning Institute. Nicole ultimately hopes to gain experience as an educator and then work to combine her interests in mental health and education in her career.

High school:  Stuyvesant High School


College Year Degree
Haverford College
Haverford, PA
2020 B.A. Education, Psychology, and Mental Health