Wenceslao Kimberly
Milken Scholar 2018
Scholar Profile

Kimberly Wenceslao



Kimberly is studying Ethnicity, Race, and Migration at Yale. In 2021, she participated in a summer program called Cultural Immersion and Volunteer Program for Young Students of Mexican Origin with the Mexican government for Mexican American youth resulting in ongoing relationship and partnership with American consulates. She is writing her senior thesis on collectivist movements among Mexican communities, particularly analyzing the role of rural schoolteachers and clubs sociales within the United States and preparing to pursue (preparing to pursue work within the human rights and immigration field to prepare for a career in law further down the road. This summer, Kimberly will be researching racial formations in Latin America. Upon her return, Kimberly plans to work as a peer liaison for La Casa Cultural de Yale, where she will mentor first year Latinx students on campus.

High school:  Firebaugh HIgh School


College Year Degree
Yale College
New Haven, CT
2023 B.A. Ethnicity, Race, and Migration