2016 Khai Tran
Milken Scholar 2016
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Khai Tran

Higher Education


Khai Tran was the class Valedictorian of Franklin High School in Los Angeles. He speaks four languages and as a high school student, created an online class that helps English speakers learn Norwegian, reaching more than 15,000 learners.

Khai is now a junior studying Linguistic Anthropology and Viking & Medieval Norse Studies at Yale. His sociolinguistic research concentrates on the political and cultural significance of the Catalan language in the new Catalonia and Catalan national identity. His Norse Studies focuses on the attitude towards death and the perception of the afterlife in Old Norse myth, saga, and poetry.

Khai spent the summer of 2018 at Pembroke College (University of Cambridge) conducting research in Old Norse-Icelandic literature. He is working towards publishing his translation of contemporary Vietnamese poetry, and he recently joined a Yale research team on the mysterious Voynich manuscript.

High school:  Franklin High School


College Year Degree
Yale College
New Haven, CT
2020 B.A. Linguistics