Agwamba Kennedy 2018
Milken Scholar 2012
Scholar Profile

Kennedy Agwamba



Kennedy is a graduate of Harvey Mudd College, where he earned a degree in Mathematical and Computational Biology along with a concentration in economics. Following graduation, he worked in New York City as a Bioinformatics Engineer for the New York Stem Cell Foundation. Kennedy has since relocated to the Bay Area, where he has been pursuing a Ph.D. at UC Berkeley in Computational Biology. His research focuses on the application of statistical inference in population genetics and evolution. This summer, he is working for Gilead Sciences as a machine learning and data science intern.

High school:  North Hollywood High School


College Year Degree
Harvey Mudd
Claremont, CA
2016 B.S. Mathematical and Computational Biology
University of California - Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
2023 Ph.D. Computational Biology