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Milken Scholar 2016
Scholar Profile

Hyo (Julie) Ha



Julie is a graduate of Williams College where she majored in chemistry. She completed her senior honors thesis on the synthesis and characterization of novel self-assembling amphiphilic copolymers that have the potential to be used in drug delivery mechanisms. She has pursued several different research internships, the most recent one being at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. In the summer of 2018, she conducted research on self-assembling amphiphilic polymers at an organic chemistry lab at Williams. The previous summer, she completed an internship at the Prostate Cancer Foundation and conducted research and analysis for Dr. Jonathan Simons and Rebecca Levine. This work led to a laboratory internship at UCLA with Dr. Andrew Goldstein, with whom she studied prostate cancer. She also has worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator at Mass Eye and Ear after previously working as a Research Technician at Massachusetts General Hospital. Julie is studying medicine at Loyola University Chicago.

High school:  Crescenta Valley High School


College Year Degree
Williams College
Williamstown, MA
2020 B.A. Chemistry
Loyola University Chicago
2027 M.D. Medicine