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Milken Scholar 2013
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Harley Geffner



Harley Geffner is a 2013 Milken Scholar from New York. He currently works as a social media manager for XXArtists, representing musical artists and helping them plan their rollout strategies. He has previously worked as an Associate with the Milken Scholars Program, a Communications Writer for the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching, as a reporter and copy editor for the Daily Pennsylvanian newspaper, on Viacom’s creative services team, with the U.S. Tennis Association, and with students at Sayre High School in West Philadelphia. He is also a part-time freelance journalist in the music space, having written cover stories on artists like Polo G and Machine Gun Kelly for Flaunt Magazine and Complex, and he works as a managing editor at the site Passion of the Weiss. Harley earned his B.A. in Communications, double-concentrating in Critical Journalism and Media Institutions and Policy, from the University of Pennsylvania in 2017.

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High school:  High School of American Studies at Lehman College


College Year Degree
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
2017 B.A. Communications