Hernandez Gil 2018
Milken Scholar 1989
Scholar Profile

Gilberto Hernández

Asset Management


Gil Hernandez is an Executive Director on the Morgan Stanley Electronic Trading team in the Institutional Equities Division, where he serves as an Account Manager covering various Hedge Fund & Long Only Asset Manager clients, focusing on trading strategies and market microstructure.  He’s served in this role at Morgan Stanley since he started in March 2010 and brings almost 20 years of trading experience that started on The New York Stock Exchange.  Prior to Morgan Stanley, he worked at Goldman Sachs for 10 years and served in various capacities including Floor Order Clerk, Floor Broker, Direct Access Sales Trader, & Algorithmic Trading Desk.  Gil and his wife, Damaris, live in East Williston, NY where they are raising their 3 children: Sarah, Noah, & Lucas.

High school:  A. Philip Randolph Campus High School


College Year Degree
Boston University
Boston, MA
1993 B.A. Biological Sciences