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Milken Scholar 2012
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David Wang



My interest in healthcare started while I was a pre-medical student at Harvard. After years of lab research, EMT training, and far too many hours of organic chemistry, however, I decided to explore other paths that didn’t involve a decade of medical school and residency. This pivot led me to the world of PowerPoint decks and collared shirts as a management consultant. While I started as a generalist, I was able to resuscitate my passion for healthcare with McKinsey’s healthcare practice. During my time there, I had the opportunity to work with major hospital systems, private equity investors, and, most meaningfully, state governments to expand COVID testing capacity and vaccination during the pandemic. Though healthcare consulting was an immensely valuable experience, I also wanted to gain experience as an operator while exploring the growing digital health ecosystem before business school. In March 2021, I decided to join Facebook’s Health Tech team – and while the metaverse may still be years away, I’ve had the opportunity since then to grapple firsthand with the challenges facing Big Tech companies trying to make positive health impact at scale.

High school:  Palos Verdes Peninsula High School


College Year Degree
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
2016 S.B. Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
2024 M.B.A. Business