Tuomi Chelsea 0818
Milken Scholar 2010
Scholar Profile

Chelsea Tuomi

Social Work


Chelsea graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major in Psychology and Social Welfare. During her time in school, she was a Crisis Counselor for a suicide hotline, Academic Counselor to low-income high school students, and Research Assistant in a Child Development lab. Following graduation, Chelsea relocated to NYC where she worked for two years in the foster care system in the Bronx through a program called Children's Corps. From that experience, she learned that child welfare was her passion and returned to UC Berkeley to pursue a master's degree in Social Work in the Child & Family Concentration. As a Title IV-E Student, Chelsea is preparing for a career in the public child welfare system and currently interns at San Francisco Human Services Agency in the Emergency Response department.

High school:  The Archer School for Girls


College Year Degree
University of California - Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
2014 B.S. Psychology & Social Welfare
University of California - Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
2018 M.S.W. Social Work