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Takecia Saylor
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Takecia Saylor
Takecia Saylor
Milken Scholar, 1993
High School Attended: Notre Dame
New York, NY
Employment: US Department of Education
City of Residence: Roselle
Country of Origin: United States
Happenings: Takecia took on a new role as Deputy Director, White House Office of the Secretary, Office of EducationalTechnology, USDOE in April 2016. Prior to this role Takecia served as the Director of School Innovation for the state of NJ. Takecia was also the Manager of the New Jersey Department of Education Race to the Top Project, Takecia Saylor is an Executive Leadership doctoral candidate at Fordham University. A 1993 Milken Scholar, Takecia has compounded her background in business with education administration experience to forge successful leadership opportunities for the past 20 years.
Last Updated: 04-05-2016
Degree Information
University State Degree Major Year
Howard University DC B.B.A. Computer Based Information Systems 1997
City College of New York NY M.S.Ed Childhood Education 2004
City College of New York NY M.S.Ed. Educational Leadership 2008
Fordham University NY Ed.D. Executive Leadership

Scholars in Action
  • Innovate this. Congratulations to Takecia Saylor, MS ‘93, who’s Office of Innovation received the State award by the Learning Counsel. Takecia is the Director of the Office of Innovation for the New Jersey Department of Education and was acknowledged for her outstanding leadership and innovation efforts. Through the creation of its InnovateNJ program, the Office of Innovation is championing the need for change in public schools for better education outcomes for its students.

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