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Frequently Asked Questions

Question Will applications be accepted after the January 31, 2017 deadline?
Answer No, all application materials must be postmarked or submitted online by the application deadline.

Question Can I check on the status of my application?
Answer All students who are nominated will be emailed a username and password to log onto their application online. Once you are logged in, you will be able to work on your application, save progress, continue your application before final submission, and check the status of all application elements. As we receive each completed application element, your application status page will be updated accordingly. Applicants who have been selected as finalists will be notified at the end of March 2017.

Question How many students are selected for the Program?
Answer Between all three cities, we expect to select between 20 and 30 New Milken Scholars this year.

Question What is the minimum GPA/Test score required?
Answer In order to apply, students must have attained at least a 3.6 GPA (unweighted) and a minimum composite SAT I Reasoning score of 1250 with results submitted for Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing, and Math, or a minimum ACT score of 28. The submitted total SAT I and ACT scores can be the highest combination of section scores from multiple test settings.

Question Will the results of SAT 1 tests taken prior to the March 2016 switch-over (600 - 2400 point scale) be accepted?
Answer No. All eligible SAT 1 test scores must be from tests taken in or after March 2016 (400 - 1600 point scale). In addition to the score range changes, there has been significant changes to the content of the test and the methodology in how the test is scored, making normative comparison difficult between the two tests.

Question What if I retake the SAT I and receive a higher score than my counselor reported to you on the nomination form?
Answer Fax, mail, or upload a copy of your new score report so that we can update your application.

Question May I report the best SAT scores from more than one sitting?
Answer Yes, you may submit Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing, and Math scores from different test dates.

Question Do I have to send official transcripts?
Answer No, transcripts may be unofficial. However, if you are selected as a Milken Scholar we may ask that you submit a set of official transcripts at a later date.

Question Who should write my letters of recommendation?
Answer Two letters of recommendation are required to complete your Milken Scholars application. One letter must be from a teacher or another educator at your school. The second letter may be from any adult who knows you well but is not a member of your family; it may also be from a teacher or another educator at your school.

Question How should my letters of recommendation be submitted?
Answer We prefer they be submitted through our website Recommendation Form. They can also be typed or hand written and given to you in a sealed envelope, which you must upload to your application or mail to us by the application deadline.

Question How does one meet the financial need criteria?
Answer We do not have a specific cutoff that determines financial need. If there are extenuating circumstances that you feel provide a compelling case despite a higher family income (including, but not limited to sudden loss of income, employment, or home), you may provide a detailed explanation of unusual circumstances to be evaluated in our determination.

Question Must I provide my families' tax returns or an official Financial Profile?
Answer Not with the Milken Scholars Program application. The Application contains a Financial Summary that will be used in evaluating the financial need requirement for participation in the Program. The information to complete the Form should be transferred from your family's tax returns and must be submitted by your parent(s) or guardians, verifying that all declarations are true and accurate.

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