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Scholar Stories

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Milken Scholars’ Lifelong Spirit of Service

Published 11/13/2023 in Alumni Features, Program Updates
Written 11/13/2023

"I believe it is important to volunteer one's time, knowledge, and resources to give back to one's community and to causes greater than oneself. Volunteerism is the recognition that we are all privileged in our own ways and that we always have the capacity to lend a helping hand to causes and individuals in need." -Oliver Sitt, MS ‘11



Milken Scholars Alumni Fund: By Alumni for Alumni

Published 10/02/2023 in Alumni Features, Program Updates
Written 10/02/2023

Well, another summer has ended all too quickly, and a new school year is rapidly kicking off. Around this time of year, it’s difficult not to remember the nervousness of learning new professors’ names, the excitement for the opportunity to get a new folder or two, and the dread of having to wake up bright and early.


2 Lena Jones MS20 2 Red rock in Salta Argentina on the Road to Cafayate.

Milken Scholars Leveraging 2023 Summer Opportunities

Published 09/08/2023 in Program Updates
Written 09/08/2023

Internships allow students to gain hands-on experience, find mentors, and learn more about the careers they would like to dive into after college. This summer, three Scholars broadened their horizons as they learned what it takes to study international public health, develop energy solutions, and manage a business.


Adjusting to College Panelists

2023 Milken Scholars Summit: Advancing a Thriving World

Published 08/15/2023 in Program Updates
Written by Torres, Evelyn | 08/15/2023

Founded in 1989 by Mike and Lori Milken, the Milken Scholars Program began with a group of 16 Scholars from the A. Philip Randolph High School in Harlem, New York and has now become a family of over 560 Scholars, representing 76 countries and selected from more than 200 high schools across Los Angeles County, New York City and Washington, D.C. As of 2014 the Milken Scholars Program became a joint initiative of the Milken Family Foundation and the Milken Institute.


Scholars at Yale

2023 Spring Campus Visits

Published 04/28/2023 in Program Updates
Written 04/28/2023

A unique aspect of the Milken Scholars Program is our Campus Visits. Staff travel to each Scholar’s university campus, twice a year, for in-person check-ins to provide 1-on-1 college advice tailored to each Scholar’s needs.


Book Club

The Milken Scholars Book Club

Published 03/24/2023 in Alumni Features, Program Updates
Written by David Tang-Quan | 03/24/2023

Starting in May 2020, soon after the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world and shut down many in-person connections, Milken Scholars began connecting over a shared love of books as well as a desire to continue engaging with one another virtually. Since that time almost three years ago, the group has read over ten different books across a multitude of genres, from non-fiction to comedy.