Mou Tsung 2018
Milken Scholar 2007
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Tsung Mou



Tsung graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor degree in Molecular and Cell Biology in Spring 2011. While at Berkeley, Tsung founded a student group "Volunteers Around the World at Berkeley" with Jennifer Lew (MS '07) where they focused on the indigenous population in rural Guatemala and conducted numerous public health research and humanitarian aid projects. He then entered the University of Illinois at Chicago's College of Medicine and earned his medical degree in the spring of 2015. While at medical school, he continued his public health involvement in research by studying HIV risk and prevention for migrant workers of Central Asia. Upon completing his OBGYN residency in New York City and serving as a Resident Physician at New York-Presbyterian / Weill Cornell Medical Center, Tsung returned to Chicago for a fellowship at Northwestern University.

High school:  West Covina High School


College Year Degree
University of California - Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
2011 B.A. Molecular and Cellular Biology
University of Illinois - Chicago
Chicago, IL
2015 M.D. Medicine

News and Highlights

Tsung Mou (MS '07)

Beginning medicine. Tsung Mou, MS ’07, and Manav Sidhu, MS ’06, will be half way through their first terms at medical school. Tsung attends the University of Illinois Chicago College of Medicine, and Manav is attending New York University School of Medicine.