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Milken Scholar 2013
Scholar Profile

Sarah Hsu



Sarah Hsu earned her undergraduate degree in Sociology from Brown in 2017. After interning at the Prostate Cancer Foundation, she returned to Brown in 2018 to begin the last four years of her eight year medical degree program at Warren Alpert Medical School.

High school:  Glen Wilson High School


College Year Degree
Brown University
Providence, RI
2017 B.S. Sociology
Brown University
Providence, RI
2022 M.D. Medicine

News and Highlights

Sarah Hsu (MS '13)

Waste Management: Sarah Hsu, MS '13, published the first ever waste and carbon footprint audit of U.S. Emergency Department waste in the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine! She found that in one day, a single ED produced 1,481 pounds of waste, the carbon footprint equivalent of driving a car 7,700 miles. Read "Dumpster Diving in the Emergency Department: Quantity and Characteristics of Waste at a Level I Trauma Center" here.