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Milken Scholar 2012
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Nicholas Fine

Aerospace Engineering


Nico just completed his 2nd year as a structures engineer at SpaceX, where he is the responsible engineer on the thrust structure for Falcon Heavy. He has also served as responsible engineer on the F9 thrust structure, including for the first reflight of an orbital class booster in 2017.

A serious engineering geek, Nico is happy to talk about SpaceX, engineering as a whole, or other random topics to anyone interested in learning more. Feel free to reach out!

Milken Scholar class of 2012, Nico earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, graduating in 2016.

High school:  Palos Verdes High School


College Year Degree
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
2016 S.B. Mechanical Engineering

News and Highlights

Nicholas Fine (MS '12)

Help is on the Way: Nico Fine, MS ‘12, has joined the M.I.T. Media Lab Biomechatronics research group, where he works in Variable-impedance Prosthetic (VIPr) Socket Design. They will soon launch an initial version of an interactive encyclopedia of bio-mechanical technology.