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Milken Scholar 2012
Scholar Profile

Nicholas Fine

Mechanical Engineering


Nico is lead engineer on the new vehicle program at Parallel Systems. The role combines technical skills with mentorship, communication, and management. Previously he was a lead structures engineer at SpaceX.

Milken Scholar class of 2012, Nico earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, graduating in 2016. Though MIT was valuable as an advanced technical educations, as much and more was learned from a robust undergraduate dorm culture that fostered conversation and collaboration and built life-long community.

Nico is engaged to Piper Lim (whom he met at MIT), and has a cat Tungsten (who is also a SpaceX alum). He enjoys backpacking, tinkering, and the odd sewing project. The maker interests recently saw him lending a hand on a few of Xyla Foxlin's projects, and you can watch the build videos for the trailer and sailboat on youtube.

High school:  Palos Verdes High School


College Year Degree
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
2016 S.B. Mechanical Engineering

News and Highlights

Nicholas Fine (MS '12)

Help is on the Way: Nico Fine, MS ‘12, has joined the M.I.T. Media Lab Biomechatronics research group, where he works in Variable-impedance Prosthetic (VIPr) Socket Design. They will soon launch an initial version of an interactive encyclopedia of bio-mechanical technology.