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Milken Scholar 2002
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Monica Trujillo-Jamison



With over a decade of experience in market research, specializing in consumer insights and entertainment strategy, I am a dynamic leader passionate about leveraging data-driven insights to drive growth-maximizing decisions. Currently, I serve as the Consumer Insights Lead for Apex Legends at EA Games, though my journey encompasses roles ranging from Partner Insights Director to Senior Vice President, where I've honed expertise in synthesizing complex analyses into actionable strategies.

My academic background includes an M.A. in Sociology from Princeton University and a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania, which provided a solid foundation for my data analysis proficiency. Fluent in both English and Spanish, I bring a multicultural perspective to my work and strive for inclusivity in all endeavors.

At Parrot Analytics, I led analytic strategy for North American entertainment partners that informed audience engagement, creative development, and content release strategies. Notable achievements included providing strategic recommendations that significantly optimized audience growth and helped shape content strategies for global streaming platforms and studios like Apple TV+, Amazon Studios, and Lionsgate.

During my tenure at Screen Engine/ASI and National Research Group, I spearheaded multicultural research initiatives, becoming a trusted partner for entertainment companies targeting diverse audiences. My leadership extended beyond client services with initiatives focused on inclusion and positive organizational change at Screen Engine/ASI.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am a sought-after speaker at industry conferences and an active participant in community engagement initiatives, advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion in both the entertainment industry and beyond.

As I continue to evolve in my career, I am driven by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and the pursuit of meaningful impact. I am excited to leverage my tech expertise and passion for data-driven insights to contribute to the success of forward-thinking organizations.

High school:  California Academy of Math and Science


College Year Degree
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
2006 B.A. Sociology
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ
2010 M.A. Sociology

News and Highlights

Monica Trujillo-Jamison (MS '02)

Positive Research: Monica Trujillo-Jamison, MS ’02 was recently promoted to Senior Vice President at Screen Engine/ASI and is heading its Multicultural Group. In this role, Monica consults with and provides market research solutions to entertainment companies and producers to create compelling and relevant content for diverse audiences.  She is looking forward to helping amplify the voices of diverse consumers and advocate for authentic representation in entertainment.  Congratulations Monica!