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Milken Scholar 2002
Scholar Profile

Monica Trujillo-Jamison



Monica Trujillo-Jamison is Partner Insights Director at Parrot Analytics where she partners with entertainment clients to deliver best-in-class strategic analyses leveraging Parrot’s demand data. She has over a decade of market research experience in the entertainment industry and is adept at using data to drive strategic outcomes.

Prior to joining Parrot, Monica created and led the Multicultural Group at Screen Engine/ASI, a leading market research and data analytics firm in the entertainment industry. There, Monica led strategic projects aimed at optimizing and positioning content and worked with some of the most successful content creators, including Univision, NBC, Telemundo, BET, Netflix, Amazon, as well as others.

She also previously worked at NRG, Nielsen, and Azteca America. Monica holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Sociology, and a Master's degree in Sociology from Princeton University. She enjoys wine tasting, yoga, cooking tasty vegan meals, and spending time with her two kids and husband.

High school:  California Academy of Math and Science


College Year Degree
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
2006 B.A. Sociology
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ
2010 M.A. Sociology

News and Highlights

Monica Trujillo-Jamison (MS '02)

Positive Research: Monica Trujillo-Jamison, MS ’02 was recently promoted to Senior Vice President at Screen Engine/ASI and is heading its Multicultural Group. In this role, Monica consults with and provides market research solutions to entertainment companies and producers to create compelling and relevant content for diverse audiences.  She is looking forward to helping amplify the voices of diverse consumers and advocate for authentic representation in entertainment.  Congratulations Monica!