The Milken Scholars Program is back on the road with a return to in person campus visits for Fall 2021.

Published 01/04/2022 in Program Updates
Written 01/04/2022

Considering health and safety precautions and following all city and university COVID-19 protocols, the Milken Scholars team successfully visited over 100 current and Alumni Milken Scholars in close to 20 different cities, colleges and universities, across the country.  Despite facemasks and COVID vaccination cards, Scholars were happy to come together for nice meals and the chance to reconnect, after years of not seeing one another.  A little bit of rain in Chicago did not stop us from touring the campus of the University of Chicago and a temperature drop to 40 degrees did not deter our group from an outdoors dinner in Boston.  Scholars at Stanford and UC Berkeley blocked out their entire day for our visit as we hosted breakfast, lunch and dinners with current and Alumni Scholars.  As always, our groups at Yale, DC, NY and Boston came out in big numbers with over a dozen Scholars in each city lining up to self- administer rapid COVID-19 exams prior to being seated for our group dinner.  Despite our traditional conversations around academic and career pathways, family updates, health and well-being check-ins, the group was just happy to be together once again catching up on their daily lives and return to campus.  These visits were a much-needed boost for all of our Scholars and a wonderful opportunity to finally meet our 2020 and 2021 Scholars IN PERSON!

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