Spring Visits and Summer Returns for the Milken Scholars Program

Published 07/25/2017 in Program Updates
Written 07/25/2017

Spring is in full swing and the Milken Scholars Program has swung into action

Spring is in full swing and the Milken Scholars Program has swung into action. As the school year comes to a close, an exciting summer is coming into focus.

After visiting Scholars on campuses and in cities across the country, we have returned home to complete our selections process for the class of 2012 and to prepare for Recognition Ceremonies in their honor in both New York and Los Angeles.

Returning and renewal have been constant themes throughout the 23 years of the Milken Scholars Program’s history, and this year they are especially relevant, as we are returning to New York City for the first time in a decade and renewing our commitment to becoming lifelong leaders for a better world through a groundbreaking theme at this year’s annual Milken Scholars Summit.

The Milken Scholars Program is defined by the innovative spirit that runs throughout our network of thinkers and doers. This summer, at the 2012 Milken Scholars Summit, we will focus that spirit on Game Changing Innovations that have made our communities and our world a better place.

Through exploration of past breakthroughs and present possibilities, our goal is to foster a valuable Scholar discussion of what the future can hold and how to gain the most from our talents individually and collectively.

While each Summit is a singular event, when taken together, they represent the reinvigoration that the Milken Scholars Network provides. As the 2008 Class of Milken Scholars prepares for their commencements, the 2012 Class of Milken Scholars will begin their college careers. Before they step on campus this fall, they will join the Milken Scholars Family, a valuable network of undergraduates, graduates, and young professionals who will be source of support throughout their journeys.