Milken Scholars Program Elevates with Alumni Symposium

Published 07/25/2017 in Program Updates
Written 07/25/2017

The Milken Scholars Program provides support for talented young leaders in college and after they graduate.

The Alumni Symposium will take place Friday, February 22nd through Sunday, February 24th at the Grand Hyatt Hotel near Grand Central Station in New York City.

It will feature speakers who will both inspire and provide practical advice, as well as a robust set of workshops and professional tools designed to elevate career, personal, and leadership development of Alumni Milken Scholars.

The theme of the Alumni Symposium is to Impart, Inspire, and Ignite. The purpose is to impart personal and career professional development to Alumni Milken Scholars; inspire them to pursue individual leadership opportunities; and ignite them as a collective force as Lifelong Leaders for a Better World. Our theme will be reinforced by four core content strands: Leadership, Management, Entrepreneurship, and Networking.

The 2013 Milken Scholars Alumni Symposium marks an exciting new chapter of the Milken Scholars Program. It will be the first event to be targeted directly at Milken Scholars who have either joined the working world or are preparing to do so by earning post-graduate degrees. The program has spent years developing the infrastructure to make an event like this purposeful and worthwhile, and these efforts will pay off in a meaningful way for both Milken Scholars Alumni and their spouses and partners, who are invited to fully participate in the event. The Milken Scholars family has expanded as Scholars have begun their own families, and the social capital has likewise multiplied. The value of the combined knowledge and experience that will be in attendance represents the tangible support the Milken Scholars Program was founded to offer.

The event is the result in no small part of the efforts of Milken Scholars Alumni themselves, who several years ago organized their own Alumni Association to be a vehicle for community service and networking. The diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, career paths, professions, and expertise that have been harnessed by the Milken Scholars Alumni Association and the Milken Scholars Program will be put to use in a practical and proactive way.

We are looking forward to hosting this exciting new event and invite all of those interested in more information to contact Greg Gallagher, Milken Scholars Alumni Director, at or (310) 570-4747.

2013 Alumni Symposium

2013 Alumni Symposium