Milken Scholars Moving Forward

Published 07/25/2017 in Program Updates
Written 07/25/2017

The Milken Scholars Program is always on the go

The Milken Scholars Program is always on the go. All across the country and all throughout the year, Milken Scholars demonstrate our program motto: Lifelong Leaders for a Better World. Whether they are in school, or working in their communities or professions, there is always a way to stay connected with each other and with the program.

Last summer, we selected our newest class, and they joined many of their fellow Scholars for the 2013 Annual Summit: What is Your American Dream? As in every Summit, these days were packed with fun, camaraderie, and informative sessions designed to prepare students for the school year ahead.

When the semester starts, our newest Scholars know their fellow Scholars can be a continual resource because Scholar mentors are at their schools, checking in, and ready to share their knowledge or lend an ear.

During the fall and spring, program staff members rack up the miles to visit Scholars at nearly twenty colleges and universities across the country. Large Scholar dinners are held in Berkeley, Cambridge, and New York, and smaller get-togethers happen nearly all points between, from the University of Southern California to Stanford to Northwestern to Princeton. Whether it is through a one-on-one meeting, a small group interaction, or large group feast, Milken Scholars have the opportunity to check-in and compare notes during the school year.

In addition, this fall the Milken Scholars Alumni Association (M.S.A.A.) has teamed up with Milken Scholars staff to organize several service projects and facilitate numerous ways for Alumni Scholars and Current Scholars to stay involved with each other and with their surrounding communities.

The M.S.A.A. is holding events in all four of its regions: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area this fall. The events range from professional development events and discussions, to volunteering at the Faster Cures Conference in Washington D.C., to leading college essay workshops at high schools in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C. The Scholars who are taking part will bring with them a wealth of college experience gained from nearly every type of university, major, and skill.

This winter, the Milken Scholars Program will continue its active pace. Holiday Dinners will be held in Los Angeles and New York City as a way for the Milken Scholars Family to come together and wish each other good tidings for the New Year. The gatherings will be accompanied by the spirit of volunteerism as well, as we will join Project Angel Food in their Hollywood kitchen as they prepare meals to be delivered for home bound people suffering from chronic illness and disease.

Winter also marks the beginning of the journey for our next class. We are very excited to launch our 2014 Selection Process on November 4th and reach out to schools throughout Greater Los Angeles and New York City.

No matter the season, the Milken Scholars Program is always on the go in its mission to foster Lifelong Leaders for a Better World.

Milken Scholars Moving Forward

Milken Scholars Moving Forward

Milken Scholars Moving Forward