Memorable Moments During the Spring 2024 Milken Scholar Campus Visits

Published 05/17/2024 in Program Updates
Written 05/17/2024

As Spring nears its end, the Milken Scholars Program has now wrapped up the 2024 Spring Campus Visits.

During the past three months, staff visited 70 Scholars at 21 universities in 17 different cities. Among those 70 Scholars visited this Spring were 17 seniors who are celebrating the end of their undergraduate careers in the coming weeks!

Campus Visits go beyond routine check-ins. During Visits, Staff immerse themselves in the daily lives of our Scholars. While grabbing a bite to eat or walking around campus, Scholars and Staff discuss the ups and downs of college life, tips for finding community away from home, and how to make the most of the unique opportunities available at their universities.

Not only do Campus Visits help Scholars take a break from their busy schedules, but they also provide a space to reconnect with one another and reflect on their goals and dreams for the future. Often these Visits spark ideas for collaboration among Scholars, connect Scholars to internships, and strengthen the bonds within the Scholar community at their schools. At the same time, Staff offer Scholars a listening ear and are eager to link Scholars with connections within the larger Milken Scholar network.

Campus life is formative for Scholars as they navigate academic courses, friendships, and deepen their unique identities and passions. Through it all, the Milken Scholars Program is happy to support Scholars on campus and continue creating memorable moments well beyond their undergraduate careers.

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