Campus Visits Foster Community Across the Country

Published 12/08/2023 in Program Updates
Written by Reyes, Natalie | 12/08/2023

One of the defining characteristics within the Milken Scholars Family is its strong community. From the moment Scholars are welcomed into the Program, they are encouraged to maintain close communication with their peers and staff. Campus Visits play a key role in fostering this close-knit culture as they allow Scholars to receive in-person check-ins from staff twice a year.

Whether near or far, staff visit current Scholars at their college campuses. This Fall season’s travels tallied up to 12 states and check-ins with 79 Scholars across the country. During Campus Visits, staff get a look into Scholars’ daily lives as Scholars tour them around their favorite places on campus, talk about their classroom experiences, and even introduce staff to roommates, cultural centers, and other resources that have helped them find a home away from home.

Through Program-sponsored meals during the Campus Visits, Scholars also have the opportunity to learn from the staff and their fellow Milken Scholars. Meal discussions revolve on everything from how to navigate classes and internships to building valuable friendships. As staff learn about Scholars’ various interests, ranging from space research, artificial intelligence, or medieval literature, they are able to connect Scholars to Alumni who share similar interests and can offer career advice. Younger and older Scholars also exchange words of wisdom, have heart-to-heart conversations, and find ways they can further support each other on campus. These in-person engagements often later become fond memories they recall as Alumni.   

Despite the thousands of miles that separate Scholars throughout the year, Campus Visits remind Scholars that they are not alone and that there is a lifelong community of staff, Alumni, and other partners rooting for their success.  

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