An Exciting Season for the Milken Scholars Program

Published 07/25/2017 in Program Updates
Written 07/25/2017

Following a successful summer retreat featuring over twenty leaders in business, public service, the arts, and sciences.

Following a successful summer retreat featuring over twenty leaders in business, public service, the arts, and sciences to help reinforce the theme of Milken Scholars Changing the World Around Them, the Milken Scholars Program is keeping busy this fall and winter, while it is preparing for the selection of the 2010 class to begin this December.

This fall, the Milken Scholars Program traveled across the country for campus tours and Scholar dinners. These visits are a chance for program directors and staff to meet with Scholars in groups and individually to offer support, advice or an empathetic ear.

We dined in New York, New Haven, Boston, Hanover, Palo Alto, Berkeley, and Claremont and took Scholar-guided tours of Harvard, Dartmouth, NYU, and UC Berkeley.

These visits also provide Scholars an opportunity to maintain contact and support each other throughout the year.

Many times Alumni Scholars take a break from graduate school or their jobs to enjoy the company of Scholars in the midst of their undergraduate careers. As with all aspects of their involvement, the opportunity they provide to share and listen as peers is an invaluable resource.

In addition, Alumni Scholars gathered together in New York and Los Angeles to spend the afternoon helping others.

In October, members of the Greater Los Angeles Milken Scholars Alumni Association joined with high school students and Heal the Bay to help clean up Toes Beach in Playa Del Ray.

photoIn November, members of the Northeast Milken Scholars Alumni Association returned to where the program began over twenty years ago, A. Philip Randolph High School in New York, to spend a day helping students prepare for the college application process.
This December, we are joining Project Angel Food in their Hollywood kitchen as they prepare meals for homebound people affected with chronic illnesses.

We are joining in the spirit of the season in conjunction with the Los Angeles annual Holiday Dinner, a special evening where Scholars can gather, reconnect, and discuss the year ahead, and held on Tuesday, December 29th at Michael’s Restaurant in Santa Monica.

As with all aspects of the Milken Scholars Program, the theme of the visits, community service events, and dinners is the same: fostering Scholar camaraderie and demonstrating leadership in the community around us.