33 Years of the Milken Scholars Program

Published 05/31/2022 in Program Updates
Written by Torres, Evelyn | 05/31/2022

Milken Scholars at the Milken Institute’s 2022 Global Conference

The Milken Scholars Program took the stage at the Milken Institute 25th Annual Conference held at the Beverly Hilton from May 1-4,2022 . Evelyn Torres, Director of the Milken Scholars Program, moderated the panel where four Milken Alumni Scholars, Khadijah Sharif-Drinkard, MS ‘89, Joelle Simpson MD, MPH, MS ‘95, Won Shin, MS ‘96, and Henry Horton, MS ‘01, walked us through their journey in this Program. Having been selected for this scholarship 20-30+ years ago, has been so much more than just receiving a check to help offset college expenses. Being selected as a Milken Scholar has meant joining a lifelong program, a family of continued support and encouragement where they remain engaged, now serving as mentors and inspiration for our newest cohorts of Scholars.  In total, a group of 22 Milken Scholars traveled to southern California to attend and participate in this year’s Global Conference.  

In our #MIGlobal panel, “Stories that Connect Us: 33 Years of the Milken Scholars Program” we explored the impact of this scholarship program on the lives of our Alumni, and the multiplying effect that impact has had on their communities, the people they serve and all those around them, as leaders in their field. Hearing their stories allowed us to “Celebrate the Power of Connection,” the Global Conference theme. A connection that Milken Scholars will have for a lifetime. You can see a recording of the session here.