Patricia Rose De Leon 006
Milken Scholar 2022
Scholar Profile

Patricia Rose De Leon


Patricia Rose De Leon is a current sophomore at UCLA with a Psychobiology major and Spanish minor. She is a UCLA HHMI Pathways to Success Scholar and is deeply involved in pediatric hematology research under Dr. Theodore Nowicki's Immunology Lab, concentrating on the DNA methylomic evolution of transgenic TCR products. Her research encompasses multi-omic analyses aimed at enhancing T-cell therapy efficacy. Beyond her academic pursuits, She actively leads community health initiatives through UCLA APA Health Care and Pilipinos for Community Health, promoting healthcare access and awareness within the Los Angeles Area. Furthermore, She is a Medical Intern at APEX MULTISPECIALTY MEDICAL GROUP INC. under fellow Milken scholar Dr. Henry Horton.

High school:  Downtown Magnets High School


College Year Degree
University of California - Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
2026 Psychobiology