Natural Taylor 006
Milken Scholar 2020
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Natural Premier


Hi there! My name is Natural Premier, and I was born and raised in the nation's capital, Washington, DC. I am currently an undergraduate student at Harvard College, pursuing a joint concentration between Environmental Science and Engineering and Computer Science. My previous work experiences include a Data Analytics role at Id.Me identification services, and a role as a Electric Vehicle Metrics Intern for the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. My most recent experience was at Apex Clean Energy last summer, where I worked as a technology team intern and helped to develop a useful program for the meteorological tower coordinator there. My main passions are gaming, cooking, and most recently running. I also like to keep up with popular shows so I can make better small talk.

High school:  McKinley Technology High School


College Year Degree
Harvard College
Cambridge, MA
2024 A.B. Computer Science
Harvard College
Cambridge, MA
2024 A.B. Environmental Engineering