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Milken Scholar 2020
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Naomi Nesmith

Public Policy


Naomi Nesmith is a current junior at Brown University concentrating in Literary Arts and an Independent Concentration entitled Structural Inequity and the Black Identity. She is a QuestBridge College Match Scholar and Gates Scholarship finalist. Currently, she is Head of Professional Development for The Black Consulting Initiative, Brown’s only black consulting club, an English Editor for SOMOS, Brown’s Latinx literary magazine, and a writer for both the College Hill Independent and the Black Star Journal, the latter being Brown’s only black newspaper. She is interested in the interplay between educational and economic policy and is an avid reader and writer of black feminist poetry.

High school:  Fort Hamilton High School


College Year Degree
Brown University
Providence, RI
2026 Sc.B Independent Concentration - Structural Inequity and the Black Identity
Brown University
Providence, RI
2026 A.B. Literary Arts