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Milken Scholar 2015
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Kevin Ou



Kevin Ou is a graduate of Yale where he studied molecular, cellular and developmental biology in pursuit of a career in medicine. He was the drummer of the Davenport Pops Orchestra at Yale that puts together orchestral arrangements for hip-hop, pop, EDM, and film and TV scores. He started Sherman's Alley, a fashion blog that highlighted men's fashion on campus, and taught local elementary school students science on a weekly basis through Yale Demos. He studied abroad in Argentina and Uruguay, where he explored the different social determinants that influenced their public health infrastructure and conducted research on using architecture as a tool to achieve health equity.

Kevin has completed research internships with the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the UCLA School of Medicine, and University of Massachusetts Medical School. After college, he was a research associate investigating the tumor micro-environment of solid tumor to improve CAR T-cell therapy at City of Hope. However, after pursuing a lifelong passion for medicine, he seized a valuable opportunity to explore the realms of technology and entrepreneurship with a startup. Now, as the product operations manager, Kevin oversees various critical projects such as product documentation, product utilization, building extensive product education, evaluating customer satisfaction, and streamlining and automating internal and external processes. He is hungry to learn more and eagerly anticipates how it may intertwine with his continual passion for healthcare and medicine in the future.

High school:  Temple City High School


College Year Degree
Yale College
New Haven, CT
2019 B.S. Biomedical Engineering